Alireza Dizaji

About Me


My name is Alireza Dizaji and currently I am a B.Sc. student at Sharif University of Technology, Computer Engineering field. My research career has begun since August 2020, when I joined the DML lab focusing on the applications of deep learning methods within a computer vision and reinforcement learning project, under supervision of Prof. Rabiee. since April 2021, I have joined AI-Med company where I have been researching deep learning methods with a focus on Medical Image Analysis, under supervision of Prof. Rabiee. My research interests are computer vision, machine learning, reinforcement learning, autonomous driving and AI for healthcare.



R&D scientist

April 2021 - present

AI-Med is a multidisciplinary research consortium utilizing artificial intelligence technologies to improve the quality and accuracy of digital health services. since April 2021, I joined as research and development scientist here where we have designed a wide-range of deep-learning experiments (via Pytorch) to provide better detection and localization of abnormalities for mammography screening. our methods have reached and even gone beyond the state-of-the-art algorithms on public dataset (DDSM). in order to maintain our results same for the in-private dataset, we are currently developing weakly-supervised methods to more precisely label and generate ground-truth ROIs for them. Moreover, we have designed several side tools to get real-time feedbacks from experienced radiologists for labeling.

Sharif University of Technology

Research Assistant

August 2020 - March 2021

I joined DML lab as a Research assistant where I was working on the impact of contrastive learning approaches on deep reinforcement-learning algorithms. to be more specific, I implemented CURL and SIMCLR (via Pytorch) algorithms to improve movement of an agent within Maze environment.

Sharif University of Technology

Teaching Assistant

Februrary 2019 - July 2021

since my second semester, I have collaborated as a teaching assistant with several faculty members of computer engineering department. all courses that I have contributed are listed below:

Spring 2021

  • Machine learning (M.Sc. course), Dr. Rohban
  • Modern information retrival, Dr. Soleymani

Fall 2020

  • Artificial intelligence, Dr. Rohban
  • Linear algebra, Prof. Rabiee

spring 2020

  • Computer architecture, Prof. Asadi
  • Data structures and algorithms, Dr. Safarnejad broujeni

spring 2019

  • Advanced programming, Mr. Hatami


Sharif University of Technology

B.Sc. Computer Engineering


GPA: 17.90/20 (last six semesters: 18.51/20)

Related courses

Convolutional neural networks for visual recognition (audited, online Stanford), machine learning (audited, online Stanford), artificial intelligence, linear algebra, data structures and algorithms, introduction to bioinformatics, modern information retrieval, design of algorithms, probability and statistics, discrete structures.

Allame Amini highschool



I received my Diploma in Mathematics and Physics from Allame Amini highschool, where I was ranked 24th out of 350k students in Iranian nationwide mathematics exam (Konkur).

A Little More About Me

Alongside my interests in science and technology, some of my other hobbies are:

  • Reading books (Fantasy genre mostly)
  • Watching movies
  • Travelling and nature